Ambassador Emil Brix

Emil Brix (© DA/Peter Lechner)What was your favourite course when you were a student at the DA?

Your question comes a little bit too late for a useful feedback. But actually, I really liked the regular volleyball sessions.

What is your signature phrase?

Diplomacy MATTERS!

What is your favourite spot at the Academy?

The parking lot at the back of the campus! We hope to build a new „wing“ (2,000 m2) for our future students.

If you could change one thing about the DA, what would you choose?

Trying hard to get more students and faculty from Africa.

What was the best meal you ever had at the DA’s dining room?

Every lunch which included a "Wiener Schnitzel". Always something to look forward to. The Director's choice!

When do you need diplomatic "Fingerspitzengefühl" in your position as the director of the DA?

When I promote and welcome public debates at the DA about controversial topics in international relations. Critical thinking and debating is most welcome.

What advice would you give DA students who aim at working in the diplomatic service?

Make best use of Vienna being the city with most international organisations worldwide!