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Alumni Association ClubDA

ClubDA welcomes new members. Membership is open to all graduates and friends of the DA who would like to support ClubDA’s goals. To join ClubDA, please fill in the registration form

ClubDA members enjoy the following services

Alumni meetings around the globe

  • Annual International Alumni Meeting in Vienna (June/July)
  • DA Ski and Snowboard Championships (January/February)
  • ClubDA Outdoor Weekends (Ascension Day or Corpus Christi)
  • ClubDA Summer Meeting in Vienna (August/September)
  • St. Nicholas Party & Meet and Greet with new DA students (November/December)
  • Talks by and discussions with members of the DA Alumni Hall of Fame
  • Alumni meetings from New York to Beijing organised by ClubDA's local chapters

ClubDA’s activities are financed by a yearly membership fee of EUR 40 as well as further voluntary contributions. The membership fee is first charged in the second calendar year after graduation from the DA. For more information on the membership fee, please see ClubDA’s payment form.

All members are invited to participate in a yearly general assembly which decides about the direction of the Club’s activities.

For further information, please check out the ClubDA statutes and its board

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Alumni of the DA - represented strongly all over the world

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Upcoming Events

DA News 2/2018DA News 2/2018

° General Assembly 2018
° Notes from the Field
° Introducing Professor
   Patrick Müller
° Meet Our Alumni
° Inauguration of the
   Academic Year 2018-19
° Recent alumni meetings


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