ClubDA consists of more than 1,700 members from over 100 countries. Therefore, it is one of ClubDA's main goals to organise alumni meetings all over the world. In other words: ClubDA goes global. Therefore, 23 local chapters have been established so far, 13 of those are currently active.

Any initiatives by DA alumni who would like to found a ClubDA local chapter in their city are most welcome.
Please contact Andreas Ehrmann for that matter.


Location President(s) Established
Belgrade Iva VUCICEVIC 12/2017
Berlin Leoni WOLF 11/2009
Bratislava Erik SZEDÉLY 11/2015
Brussels Alenka JASCHKE & Vera KÁDAS 11/2009
Kazakhstan Temir ASSANOV 11/2016
Latin America and the Caribbean Vanessa CAZARES LUQUIN & Marcela LOZANO LUNA 10/2021
London Judith MITTERLECHNER 06/2009
Ottawa Patrick M. OSLAND 03/2016 
Paris Kornelia LIENHART 09/2009
Salzburg/Munich Hannes PIRKER 04/2009
Switzerland Jürgen ANGLEITNER & Olivier NARAY 05/2012
U.S. Kara WILSON 11/2009
Vienna David LANSKY & Oliver AUTHRIED 08/2009