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ClubDA welcomes new members. Please fill in the registration form below to join ClubDA. You will receive a confirmation after your registration has been processed by the Club’s staff.

ClubDA activities are financed by a yearly membership fee as well as further voluntary contributions. The following fees apply:

  • DLG, MAIS, ETIA and PhD students: free
  • Young alumni of the above-mentioned programmes: free (up to 1.5 years after graduation)
  • Alumni and Executive Training Programmes participants: EUR 40
  • Friends of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien ("fördernde Mitglieder"): EUR 100

DA alumni ("ordentliche Mitglieder") may obtain a lifetime membership by a one-time payment of EUR 1,000.

By registering, you consent that your contact details will be added to the ClubDA membership list which all ClubDA members may access.
Furthermore, you accept the Club members' rights and duties as stated in the Club's statutes (German version only).

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