club.da Board / Vorstand

David Lansky, President

MAIS 19 (2014-16) alumnus, Austria/Spain
"I am David Lansky, the elected president of club.da for the upcoming year. Graduating from the DA in 2016, I completed the MAIS (Master of Advanced International Studies) programme. Aside from overall leadership of club.da, my primary goal is to foster the growth of our chapters worldwide, continuing to support their flourishing endeavours."

Brigitta Blaha, Vice President

Diploma Programme 13 (1976-78) alumna, Austria
"My name is Brigitta Blaha, re-elected vice president of club.da for the year 2023-24. I am a graduate of the 13th Diplomlehrgang and followed a career in the Austrian Foreign Service for 40 years. I am happy to contribute again to the activities of club.da, enjoying the contacts with students and more recent graduates, but keeping also in mind the interests of the pioneers of this Club."

Oliver Authried, Vice President

MSc ETIA 07 (2013-15) alumnus, Austria
"Since I graduated from the ETIA programme in 2015, I always enjoyed coming back to the Academy. As part of the alumni network, I stay connected and can cherish the memories at the DA, as well as contribute to new ones for prospective graduates. My main motivation to serve on the board of club.da is to bring students and alumni closer together, and organize events that engage, excite and connect."

Sophie Surinder, Treasurer

MSc ETIA 07 (2013-15) alumna, Austria
"I am Sophie Surinder, the elected treasurer of club.da for the upcoming year. Graduating from the DA in 2015, I completed the ETIA (Environmental Technology and International Affairs) master’s programme. Aside from overseeing finances of club.da, my primary goal is to grow and support our global professional network, to co-create a safe space for geopolitical discussions and peace-building initiatives together with other networks and to co-create a community, where we can participate in fun and engaging activities around the world."

Andreas Lernhart, Deputy Treasurer

Diploma Programme 22 (1985-87) alumnus, Austria
"I am Andreas Lernhart, back to native Austria after a quarter-century of service in the European Institutions in Brussels, and a previous decade of work in European affairs in various public and private postings. Since I became a member of club.da after my graduation from the DA in 1987, it has made impressive progress as the main hub of a truly global network. The thriving local chapters are a very visible sign of an active DA community. As a newly elected board member, I will take great pleasure in contributing to its further development."

Kara Wilson, Secretary

DA - SAIS Europe cooperative degree alumna, MAIS 18 (2013-14) participant, United States
"My name is Kara Wilson and I am happy to have joined the club.da Board in 2021. I have served as the club.da U.S. Chapter President since 2017. I studied in the MAIS degree programme at the DA and graduated with a cooperative degree from SAIS Europe. I am interested in fostering connections for alumni between Europe and the United States, strengthening the relationship between alumni and the DA centre in Vienna and continuing to grow our chapters around the globe."

Manuel Rodaro, Deputy Secretary

MAIS 24 (2019-21) alumnus, Austria

Auditors / Rechnungsprüfer

Jürgen Angleitner

MSc ETIA 01 (2007-09) alumnus, Austria
"I am Jürgen Angleitner, the elected auditor of club.da for the upcoming year. Graduating from the DA in 2008, I completed the first ETIA (Environmental Technology and International Affairs) programme. Aside from my engagement in the Board of club.da, I initiated and preside the Switzerland Chapter of club.da since its foundation in 2012.It is my great honour to sustain the continuity of club.da and to be part of a very engaged and innovative team."

Patrick Osland

MAIS 20 (2015-17) alumnus, Canada
"I am Patrick Osland, member of the club.da Board for the upcoming year. Graduating from the DA in 2017, I completed the MAIS (Master of Advanced International Studies) programme as part of the 20th MAIS cohort. I look forward to supporting the growth of our chapters and helping alumni maintain a link to our international network."

Election Committee / Wahlausschuss

Sarah Ducellari

Diploma Programme 55 (2018-19) alumna, Austria
"I am Sarah Ducellari, and a club.da election committee member since 2022. I graduated from the Diploma Programme in 2019. From the beginning of my studies until now, a couple of years later at a completely different work environment, the DA and its network is ever present: I want to help spread this message and tie even closer knots between current students and our alumni."

Roger Hilton

MAIS 19 (2014-16) alumnus, Canada
"Hello, Bonjour, and Ahoj! This is Roger Hilton, a member of the election committee originally from Montreal, Canada. I am a 2016 MAIS graduate living in Vienna but working in Bratislava. I am supremely excited about joining club.da and hope to contribute to organizing more events outside of Austria, interacting with both current and former students, and acting as an Ambassador for the university when on the road."

Ernst Porpaczy

Diploma Programme 01 (1964-66) alumnus, Austria

Advisory Council / Beirat

Franz Fleischmann

Diploma Programme 08 (1971-73) alumnus, Austria
"I was born and went to school in Klagenfurt. After the Matura I studied at the Hochschule für Welthandel in Vienna and graduated in 1968 with the title I continued studying at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and graduated in 1973. Afterwards, I bought and then inherited medium-sized companies and became managing associate there. At the age of 60 I retired and now live mainly in Vienna. As long as my health allows it, I hope to continue my effort I had started as the Club's president: to give advice to the current board and to help club.da members to connect with interesting people. I support young DA alumni with finding employment and those still studying with enlarging their network in Vienna."

Oliver Kitz

Diploma Programme 19 (1982-84) alumnus, Austria
"I am Oliver Kitz, past president of club.da, and now member of the Club's advisory council. An alumnus of the 19th Lehrgang, I do support the present board in its manifold activities."

Lucia Kronsteiner

Diploma Programme 36 (1999-2000) alumna, Austria
"My name is Lucia Kronsteiner and I graduated from DLG 36 in 2000. Since then I have been working in the Austrian Foreign Ministry (mostly in the field of EU Common Foreign and Security Policy) from which I recently moved on to work for the office of the Federal President of Austria (as his foreign policy advisor). I served as a vice president of club.da for a few years and I am now member of its advisory board, hoping to add some value to the Club's activities by offering my knowledge and expertise as an active diplomat."

Gerhard Reiweger

Diploma Programme 20 (1983-85) alumnus, Austria
"After graduating from the DA in 1985 (20th Diploma Programme) I joined the Austrian Foreign Service. After two postings abroad I returned to the DA as its deputy director (1997-2010) and president of club.da (2003-2010). I then continued my foreign service career as ambassador to Bulgaria and Romania and have been happy to serve on the Club's board in an advisory capacity ever since."

The club.da Board
at a glance

David LANSKY (MAIS 19)

Vice President
Brigitta BLAHA (DLG 13)

Vice President


Deputy Treasurer
Andreas LERNHART (DLG 22)


Deputy Secretary
Manuel RODARO (MAIS 24)

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