Alumni Events 2017

The Diplomatic Academy, ClubDA as well as its local chapters organise a broad variety of events for DA alumni and students. We invite you to check out our photo gallery and take a look at our past activities. Here, participants can revive some pleasant memories and those interested in joining future events may find some "appetisers".

Photo Galleries
  • St Nicholas Party & Meet and Greet, 1 December 2017Last Updated On: 12/4/2017

    Each year, ClubDA organises a Meet and Greet with DA's students to strengthen the ties between alumni and students, to get to know each other and simply have a good time. This year more than 50 alumni and students came to the DA Bar to celebrate.

  • 19th International Alumni Meeting, 30 June-1 July 2017Last Updated On: 7/4/2017

    For the 19th time, the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and ClubDA organised an alumni homecoming weekend. More than 250 alumni and friends of the Academy accepted the invitation to ClubDA's General Assembly, DA's traditional Sommerfest and an excursion to Schloss Hof, Schloss Niederweiden and Nickelsdorf. First the group visited two exhibitions on Empress Maria Theresia. In Nickelsdorf, a discussion with Mayor Gerhard Zapfl and representatives of the Austrian police and military forces on the refugee situation in 2015 and since was followed by a tour of the refugee registration facility at the Austrian-Hungarian border and concluded at a local Heurigen, Stodl Schenke.

  • ClubDA Outdoor Weekend 2017: Semmering, 25-27 May 2017Last Updated On: 6/8/2017

    On the Corpus Christi weekend 2017, ClubDA organised its 10th Outdoor Weekend in Lower Austria's and Styria's Semmering region. On Thursday, 25 May the group followed the Semmering railway, the first mountain railway in Europe, from Klamm-Schottwien to Steinhaus am Semmering. The next day a visit of the Fröschnitzgraben construction site of the new Semmering Base Tunnel was followed by a short hike through the poet Peter Rosegger's "Waldheimat" Alpl. A five-hour hike to the top of Stuhleck concluded the programme on 27 May.

  • Curling and Skating at Wiener Eistraum, 14 February 2017Last Updated On: 2/15/2017

    On 14 February 2017, more than 20 students and alumni joined us for curling (Eisstockschießen) and ice skating in front of Vienna's city hall. ClubDA's Vienna Chapter thanks stadt wien marketing gmbh for sponsoring this event for the sixth time.

  • 15th DA Ski and Snowboard Championships, 28 January 2017Last Updated On: 1/30/2017

    On 28 January 2017, the Diplomatic Academy and ClubDA invited to their 15th Ski and Snowboard Championships organised in cooperation with the Austrian Foreign Ministry and CDW at Stuhleck. Fourteen students, alumni and staff took part.

  • Frauen im Gespräch: Margit Fischer, 16 January 2017Last Updated On: 1/17/2017

    Im Rahmen der sechsten Auflage der ClubDA-Veranstaltungsreihe "Frauen im Gespräch" las Österreichs ehemalige "First Lady" Margit Fischer aus ihrer Autobiografie "Was wir weitergeben" und erzählte in der anschließenden Diskussion emotional und berührend aus ihrer Familiengeschichte, von ihrer Arbeit als Vorsitzende des Vereins ScienceCenter-Netzwerk - insbesondere wichtigen Initiativen im Bildungsbereich - und von ihrer Zeit als "First Lady" der Republik.