From ETIA to financing infrastructure projects

DA alumnus Lukas Hainzl on his career since graduating from ETIA 09 in 2017


Following your studies at the DA, you became the Financial Services Manager at EY. What exactly are your responsibilities on the job and how did your career path look like so far?
After my bachelor studies in business administration, I started my professional career in a financial institution specialized in financing infrastructure projects, especially in the field of sustainability. Even during my time as an ETIA student, I continued to work in the bank. After having the possibility to switch jobs whitin the bank, I worked in the project and process management after my time at the DA and TU Wien. A change to consulting, respectively EY, appealed to me as it gave me the opportunity to manage projects and process improvements not only internally but at different banking institutions. As a Manager in Financial Services Consulting at EY, I manage projects for our clients and lead a team. In addition, I have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the development of new go-to-market topics. For example, we are currently expanding our Sustainable Finance offering. On the one hand, this concerns the regulatory component, but also topics in the area of product development and strategy.

Have you always been interested in this specific career, or has this interest developed over time?
Consulting has interested me since I was a student. The wide scope and steep learning curve that the job of a consultant offers is unique. Teamwork and problem solving are just as important as constantly developing and adapting to new environments.

How has the DA helped you develop your career?
Besides the very interesting but also intensive course programs and the interdisciplinary approach that the ETIA program has to offer, I was also able to learn something about my own performance capabilities and time management due to the double work load between my job and university work. In addition, the DA offered a great opportunity to make great contacts and friends, for instance it was a former fellow student who made me aware of an open position at EY.

Is there a specific skill set taught at the DA/TU Wien that is particularly useful for your current job?
Especially the ETIA program with the interdisciplinary approach gives insight into so many different topics. Moreover, the course program encourages to look at the range of topics with different points of view and perspectives. During the studies it was necessary to deal with legal, technical, sustainable and economic aspects. A multidimensional approach and understanding the "big picture" with all its correlations are also important cornerstones in consulting to solve problems for clients and to complete projects successfully.

Where do you think the future will take you?
At the moment I am happy in what I do, working with our clients in the Austrian banking market is very rewarding. In addition, I have the opportunity to continue to develop myself and to support and guide younger colleagues on their career path.

[July 2022]