From MAIS via Petroleum to Consulting

DA alumna Teodora Bozhilova on her career since graduating from MAIS 18 in 2015

Teodora BozhilovaThree years ago, I encountered a challenging dilemma – pursue a career within the private sector or the public sector? After finishing an internship at an Austrian petroleum company during my last semester at the DA, I started my career as a Junior Financial Auditor at one of the "Big Four" consultancy firms. From a content point of view, it was more related to my bachelor studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) than to my master studies at the DA. However, I wanted to continue in the private sector, as it allows you to build personal, functional and technical skills quickly.

Now I am working as a Management Consultant at Accenture Austria – a global company for consulting services. One of my main responsibilities is to implement business processes that drive innovation within the banking sector. Being part of a global organisation is a great opportunity to work in an exciting, flexible and changing environment. The fast pace and the need for creativity in my day-to-day work is highly satisfying and stimulating.

My time at the DA has created a solid basis for my career. During the master programme, I gained broad knowledge in diplomacy, international relations and economics. In my opinion, these are three main knowledge pillars of crucial importance for every career, no matter which sector you choose.

[From ClubDA News 2/2018]