From MAIS to the private sector in Brussels

DA alumnus Victor Vaugoin on his career since graduating from MAIS 12 in 2009

Vaugoin VictorVictor started his career in Brussels as a political advisor to an Austrian MEP. For the next four years, he headed the Brussels office of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Now he is the head of the Brussels office of the Austrian public affairs agency PANTARHEI ADVISORS. During the Administrative Law Conference 2018 at the Andrassy University in Budapest, he gave a presentation on the "White Paper on the Future of Europe" issued by the European Commission.

Victor's abstract reads as follows: "With only a few months to go until the elections to the European parliament, once again the 'Old Continent' is at another crucial crossroad. President Juncker himself took the bull by the horns within his state of the Union speech, on 13th September 2017. Subsequently, the European Commission issued its 'White Paper on the future of Europe', providing a compass on possible scenarios. Apart from the big political picture, whatever outcome will have consequences for an often-overlooked regulatory field-delegated and implementing acts."

[From ClubDA News 2/2018]